203: Best Practices for Managing BI Implementations
Len Rosenblum , Guident    Biography

Objectives: How to plan and manage a successful BI project from inception through deployment.
What level of user involvement is needed during a BI project, and specific tasks, to ensure success.
Best practices based on real world experiences for implementing a BI initiative.
Abstract: Business Intelligence (BI) projects are significantly different from other IT projects. To successfully develop and deploy BI projects requires a unique approach to managing these projects. This session uncovers some of the challenges in deploying an analytical environment such as end users lack of knowledge on BI, changing requirements, and poor metadata development. Learn how to address these issues with approaches such as a ‘Conference Room Pilot’, phasing, change management and education. This presentation will walk through an end-to-end Business Intelligence methodology (stages, deliverables, etc.) and provide recommendations for success within each phase. We will use real world examples to demonstrate the value of these best practices and methodology. Finally, we will show the value of BI using an example from Major League Baseball.

Audiernce Focus: Managers
Expertise: Beginner
Track: Business Intelligence/Warehousing
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM