Q411: Oracle, LDAP and AD (Active Directory) Integrating the Three Together.
Debra Addeo , Douglas County School District    Biography

Objectives: Understand what LDAP is.
How to use Active Directory to validate user passwords.
Learn how to use the Oracle dbms_ldap package for password validation
Abstract: This presentation will give a quick overview of how to integrate the 3 technologies for user id and password management along with a quick introduction into LDAP and Active Directory. The Oracle database has packages that allow access to Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory and any other LDAP enabled directory for validating passwords for user ids. This allows developers to delegate the password management policies to another system without code maintenance. These stored packages are also used by other Oracle tools (i.e. Apex) to integrate applications with an LDAP server.

Audiernce Focus: Developers
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Development
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM