Q412: Cool Tools I Use: Demonstrating Useful PL/SQL and SQL Programming Tools
Patrick Dugan Holmes , IPC, The Hospitalist Company    Biography

Objectives: Learn about some very useful, cool tools
Learn the value of "keeping it simple"
Inexpensive tools are also sometimes better than the alternatives
Abstract: Note: This is the same Quick-Tip I gave last year, with minor updates! This presentation demonstrates a number of “cool tools” that make PL/SQL and SQL programming easier. These are “best-of-breed” utilities that increase productivity significantly and are also very inexpensive. The products demonstrated include: Allround Automation’s “PL/SQL Developer” (a fabulous PL/SQL IDE, including step-wise debugging!), TextPad (the best text editor!), ExamDiff Pro (great for file comparisons), a Search-and-Replace tool, some very low-cost ERD reverse-engineering and design tools, SQLWays (a great database migration tool), File-Locator-Pro (finding files), V-The File Viewer (the best file-viewer!), febooti (command-line email), Time-Target (batch-job scheduling), Quest’s “Formatter Plus” (for re-formatting PL/SQL and SQL), Snag-IT (best screen capture!), WinTail (Windows “tail” utility), and other tools and tips.

Audiernce Focus: Developers
Expertise: Beginner
Track: Development
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM