206: Using The Data Vault Architecture To Accelerate Delivery While Incrementally Building Your DW
Bruce McCartney , Database Information Systems Inc.    Biography

Objectives: Develop a general understanding of the Data Vault Architecture for EDW
Understand the benefits of the architecture over a federated model.
Gain from other Oracle user experiences in Data Warehouseing
Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to review the motivation for, structure of, and experiences with implementing an EDW using the data vault architecture developed by Dan Linstedt so that attendees have an understanding of the benefits and risks/challenges involved in the architecture. The presentation will review the rationale for selecting this architecture over federated data marts and operation data store/staging areas as well as an overview of the architecture and data model and how this model best implements the main attributes of a data warehouse (subject-oriented, time-variant, non-volatile and integrated). In addition, the presentation will discuss experiences with implementing the architecture and lessons learned, including a discussion of a methodology and tools for drastically reducing the time to create and populate the data vault.

Audiernce Focus: Architects
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Business Intelligence/Warehousing
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM