339: Getting Started with Forecasting Oracle Performance
Craig Shallahamer , Orapub, Inc.    Biography

Objectives: To see/learn how simple and useful it can be to model your server
To see/learn about the wide variety of ways forecasting can be practically used
To see/learn how to construct a model of your production system.
Abstract: There is a DBA community focused on answering “what if” types of questions known as forecasting, capacity planning, and resource management. For example, “When will my server run out of CPU power?" Introducing DBAs to this new world has been challenging because of the perceived complexity and non-relevance. However, I discovered with a very real yet simple demonstration the “ah ha” moments abounded! What DBAs discovered was the math can be simple, the required data has already been collected, they can quickly do what I demonstrated, and it is shockingly practical! My objective with this paper is to quickly allow DBAs of all levels to get a practical start with forecasting Oracle performance using freely available tools.

Audiernce Focus: DBA
Expertise: Beginner
Track: Database
Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM