513: Leveraging Oracle Portal as an Enterprise Identity Management Repository
Greg Pike , PIOCON Technologies    Biography

Objectives: Create hierarchical Portal Groups and enable VPD to limit data access in Oracle Reports.
Use a combination of Portal Groups and Items to render dynamic menus in web applications.
Enable a centralized repository for user information with an Enterprise Provisioning API.
Abstract: Although Portal primarily provides Group and Item constructs to simplify the management of internal privileges and access, these objects can be leveraged externally throughout the organization. For example, Oracle Reports may utilize Virtual Private Database in conjunction with hierarchical Groups to limit data access by location. Non-Portal web applications can render dynamic menus based upon a userís privileges obtained from Oracle Portal. In effect, Portal acts as a pseudo-provisioning repository for user metadata.

The process begins with architecting Portal Groups and Items to emulate and support the business requirements of the external application. For example, an organizational chart is modeled as a set of hierarchical Groups. Using Portal APIs, external applications perform runtime inquires to determine access limitations or user preferences. As additional applications are integrated with Portal, a centralized user provisioning strategy takes shape.

Audiernce Focus: Architects
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Middleware
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM