602: Using Periodic Audits to Prevent Catastrophic Project Failure
Paul Dorsey , Dulcian, Inc.    Biography

Objectives: Learn how performing periodic system audits can help decrease probability of project failure
Learn ways in which to structure useful project audits to detect system flaws
Explain critical points for conducting system audits and information that should be included
Abstract: Most large software project failures could have been prevented if someone had taken an objective look at the progress of the system at key points along the way. Even if an audit doesn't prevent the project from failing, discovering serious problems earlier in the project life cycle can save both time and money. Software system audits are, in and of themselves, significant projects. They cannot be accomplished by a single individual interviewing a few members of the development team over a few days. An effective audit requires a skilled team of individuals examining the functional adequacy of the system, the quality of the database design, system security, flexibility, and scalability over time. This presentation outlines the key points in a project when these audits should be performed, how to select the audit team, and what information can be gained from the audit results. A case study chronicling the audit of a large financial system built in a developing nation will be included.

Audiernce Focus: Managers
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Architecture
Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Time: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM