529: Using Oracle Identity Management to Reduce Operational Costs and Improve Security
Niklas Iveslatt , Douglas County School District    Biography
Jennifer McGurk , Douglas County School District    Biography

Objectives: Understanding of the business case for Identity Management
Understanding of technical architecture
Understanding of Lessons Learned
Abstract: Douglas County Schools is implementing Identity Management Suite to improve the efficiency of operations in the IT department and improving customer services. The district operates a plethora of custom and third party applications. A decade of rapid application development and system deployments has left the District with disjointed user and password stores. It takes an army of people to provision and control access to the many applications, users cannot remember their user logins and passwords, and it takes weeks before new employees have the right access to all necessary applications. This presentation will describe how the Oracle Identity Management solution addresses the above problems. Oracle Virtual Directory, Oracle Access Manager and Oracle eSSO will be discussed. The emphasis will be on how Oracle Identity Manager solves real life provisioning problems, how it integrates with ERP solutions and how it integrates with custom applications using custom Java or PL/SQL code.

Audiernce Focus: Architects
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Middleware
Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM