381: Listening In: Passive Capture and Analysis of Oracle Network Traffic
Jonah Harris , EnterpriseDB Corporation    Biography

Objectives: Gain a better understanding of the Oracle Network Protocol
Learn how to detect network-related issues.
Diagnose and solve network-related issues.
Abstract: In this presentation we will discuss and demonstrate the methods for passively capturing, analyzing, and reporting the details of Oracle network traffic in real-time for use in end-to-end Oracle tuning and troubleshooting scenarios.

In cases where very short response time requirements must be met, or where sporadic spikes in response time occur, the most reliable way to tune and troubleshoot them is by capturing Oracle's Ethernet traffic, analyzing it, and reporting on various aspects of it. Throughout this session we will demonstrate the passive capture of SQL statements, their frequency, time spent in execution, number of roundtrips, and all relevant response times.

Using the data from these reports can not only assist DBAs in diagnosing network-related issues and in tuning Oracle's network settings, but also ensure that application developers are writing Performant, network-friendly database access code.

Audiernce Focus: DBA
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Database
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
Time: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM