536: Introduction to Information Rights Management
Andy Peet , Oracle    Biography

Objectives: Understand how to prevent loss of intellectual property or content.
Learn more about how Oracle Ifnormation Rights Management enables organizxations to secure data.
Abstract: How do you prevent the loss of intellectual property or content that holds personal and private data about your employees, partners and customers? Attend this session to learn more about how Oracle Information Rights Management enables organizations to secure sensitive information beyond their network to remote user desktops, laptops, handheld devices, and more. This allows businesses to track and retain control of documents and emails, even after they've been shared with external audiences. With Oracle Information Rights Management users can prevent unauthorized usage and can even revoke information access when business relationships change or content has become outdated.

Audiernce Focus: Managers
Expertise: Intermediate
Track: Middleware
Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Time: 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM