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Collaborate 2008

Session Code Title Speakers Viewable Files
232 2008: A BI Odyssey Vranicar, Matthew (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (2242 Kb)
Presentation File: (4779 Kb)
211 Accelerate Your Oracle DW With OLAP 11g Claterbos, Chris (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: ACF4904.pdf (322 Kb)
Photo: 2008_211_claterbos_ppr.pdf (322 Kb)
Presentation File: (4399 Kb)
213 Analytic SQL for Beginners Inman, Mark (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: 2008_213_Inman.doc (347 Kb)
Presentation File: 2008_213_Inman.ppt (241 Kb)
39830 Are You Measuring the Right Performance? Understanding Balanced Scorecards Pateman, Andrew (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 39830.pdf (1193 Kb)
203 Best Practices for Managing BI Implementations Rosenblum, Len (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: Guident_WhitePaper_Best_Practices_for_BI_Project_Management_20080225.doc (373 Kb)
Presentation File: (1128 Kb)
219 Building Cubes and Analyzing Data Using Oracle OLAP 11g Claterbos, Chris (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (251 Kb)
Presentation File: (4265 Kb)
202 Building the Multi Terabyte Claims Data Warehouse: Rokes, Stephen (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (29 Kb)
Presentation File: (1239 Kb)
39740 Capital Planning Module Tips and Tricks Hoelscher, Kelliann (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 39740.pdf (200 Kb)
424 Consolidate BI and Planning Applications to Cut Costs and Improve User Productivity Using Essbase Tow, Tim (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (19 Kb)
Photo: tim1.jpg (15 Kb)
Presentation File: (1040 Kb)
41200 Convert with Confidence: Leveraging System 9 FDM to Convert from Hyperion Enterprise System 9 Hampton, Jay (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41200.pdf (449 Kb)
41210 Converting a HE Application to an HFM Application: Design Considerations and Best Practices Apple, Angie (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41210.pdf (369 Kb)
233 Cube Organized Materialized Views - do they deliver? Scott, Peter (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (198 Kb)
Photo: dimi_2007.jpg (20 Kb)
Presentation File: (267 Kb)
217 Data Warehousing Design Templates Rappoport, Scott (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (295 Kb)
Presentation File: (516 Kb)
41240 Design Best Practices Around Budgeting and Planning Solutions Bernhoit, Sean (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41240.pdf (1322 Kb)
238 Enterprise Performance Management in an Oracle Hyperion World Deiterle, Michael (Cospeaker)
Paper File: ARC_Whitepaper_FinalWeb.pdf (404 Kb)
Presentation File: 2008_IOUG_Session238_DeiterleArcplan.ppt (4534 Kb)
41740 Enterprise Planning with Hyperion Planning - System 9 and Hyperion Strategic Finance Conrad, Floyd (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41740.pdf (2037 Kb)
41820 Hyperion Strategic Finance: Introduction and Update Kaffenberger, Will (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41820.pdf (478 Kb)
41370 I Already Have Hyperion Planning: Why Should I Upgrade to System 9 and What Should I Expect Geyer, Matthew (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41370.pdf (1456 Kb)
237 Implement Your Information Integration Strategy with Oracle Database 11g Romero, Antonio (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: (405 Kb)
221 Implementing Oracle BI EE on Top of Oracle OLAP Cubes Thompson, Mark (Cospeaker)
Paper File: (556 Kb)
Presentation File: (1204 Kb)
Q226 Integrating BI Publisher with Oracle 10gAS Middleware Chen, Yipeng (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: (702 Kb)
212 Integrating Oracle BIEE with Oracle Analytic Workspaces Thompson, Mark (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (327 Kb)
Presentation File: (591 Kb)
220 Interactive Reporting: Using PL/SQL Procedures and Excel Data Sources Civetti, David (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (288 Kb)
Photo: ACF544F.jpg (23 Kb)
Presentation File: (672 Kb)
41860 Introduction to Hyperion Essbase - System 9 Brkopac, John (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41860.pdf (3417 Kb)
41880 Introduction to Hyperion Financial Management System 9 Malwitz, Mike (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41880.pdf (1036 Kb)
42190 Introduction to Hyperion Performance Management Applications O'Rourke, John (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 42180.pdf (6193 Kb)
41870 Introduction to Hyperion Visual Explorer Nader, Mike (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41870.pdf (1160 Kb)
41930 Introduction to Oracle BI Foundation and Tools Gilman, Tobin (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41930.pdf (3296 Kb)
538 Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher and What's Planned Donohue, Mike (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: (1917 Kb)
41950 Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Management Smart Space: Always on Business Weinberger, Hackey (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41950.pdf (1639 Kb)
223 Investment Research and Portfolio Management Analytics using Oracle OLAP Claterbos, Chris (Cospeaker)
Paper File: (884 Kb)
Presentation File: (1553 Kb)
229 MAID for ILM archival storage for DWs Gorman, Tim (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (542 Kb)
Q215 Master Data- Multiple Sources Sundaram, Chitra (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: (1850 Kb)
207 Oracle BI, Oracle OLAP, Essbase: The Benefits and Cost of Openness Thompson, Mark (Cospeaker)
Presentation File: (219 Kb)
234 Oracle Business Intelligence Show off your Data Warehouse Katsaris, Andreas (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: IOUG_2008_ABSTRACT.doc (761 Kb)
Presentation File: (3288 Kb)
41430 Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management - Powerful Users Beyond Financial Peters, Scott (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41430.pdf (398 Kb)
216 Oracle Text - Content Indexing Made Easy Johnson, Douglas (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (76 Kb)
Presentation File: (87 Kb)
222 Oracle's Data Warehousing Features We All Need Abramson, Ian (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: 2008_IOUG_222_abramson_dw_features.pdf (105 Kb)
Presentation File: (1129 Kb)
41020 Preserving System 9 Reliability in Large Distributed Environments Cuviello, Caroline (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41020.pdf (750 Kb)
214 Real Time Data Integration via Oracle CDC, Change Notification, and Java Messaging Brooks, Mark (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (15 Kb)
Presentation File: (866 Kb)
218 Robust ETL Using Oracle Warehouse Builder Panyam, Aravind (Cospeaker)
Paper File: (482 Kb)
Presentation File: (533 Kb)
236 Scalability and Performance made easy with Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Optimized Warehouses Baer, Hermann (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 2008_236_baer.pdf.gz (1710 Kb)
228 Show Me the Money!: Interactive Reporting Promises and Implementation Issues Civetti, David (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (110 Kb)
Photo: 2008_david_civetti.jpg (23 Kb)
Presentation File: (38 Kb)
210 Sleight of Hand: A look at Oracle Partition Exchange Start, David (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (47 Kb)
Presentation File: (137 Kb)
41660 Using Hyperion Data Integration Management with Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Essbase Colston, Dan (Primary Speaker)
Presentation File: 41660.pdf (4298 Kb)
208 Using Oracle Real-Time Decisions to Automate Business Decisions Rittman, Mark (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (1268 Kb)
Presentation File: (2402 Kb)
206 Using The Data Vault Architecture To Accelerate Delivery While Incrementally Building Your DW McCartney, Bruce (Primary Speaker)
Paper File: (375 Kb)
Presentation File: (487 Kb)
Q205 When Data Warehouse Appliance Will Not Work for You - A Case Study Patel, Chandu (Primary Speaker)
Photo: chandu_patel_photo.jpg (9 Kb)
Presentation File: (2935 Kb)